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SharePoint Solutions

Solien is a World-Class SharePoint Solutions Partner

With Microsoft® SharePoint® Server 2013, you can empower people to work together more effectively with versatile technology for collaboration. Your employees can use an extensive array of tools to help them search information, people, and expertise; share organizational knowledge; and streamline processes. Your organization can secure and manage information as well as organizational knowledge to increase productivity, reduce compliance risk, and derive more value from information assets. Take advantage of this groundbreaking platform to:

Search - Quickly connect people with the right information.
Share - Convert insight into organizational knowledge.
Collaborate – Simplify how people work together and help them more effectively apply information to their needs.

Solien has the expertise to deliver a successful SharePoint solution for your organization -- we have been working with and using SharePoint technologies since 2001.

We offer the following SharePoint services:

Requirements Definition, Pilots
Planning, Information Architecture
Installation, Configuration and Deployment
Customization, Integration, and Web Part Development
Enterprise Search
Dashboards, Reporting
Process Improvement, InfoPath Forms, and Workflow
Migration from Office SharePoint Server 2007 to SharePoint Server 2010, migration from       SharePoint Server 2010 to SharePoint 2013
Knowledge Transfer, Training

Benefits of SharePoint Server 2013 are:

1. Create a complete view of your business. Access all of the information, documents, and applications that you use through SharePoint Server 2013. Find and reuse timely and relevant information from systems and reports, and quickly locate and access documents, projects, and best practices by searching or browsing all through the portal.

Web Parts enable you to assemble a view of complementary information from multiple sources, so you can view customer information from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems, Microsoft Outlook®, file shares, and Web sites at the same time.

2. Put relevant information at your fingertips. Be more productive by having immediate access to up-to-date, relevant information. You can organize all of the information, files, and applications that you access throughout the day in a single view. With single sign-on, Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 provides direct access to the sections of an application that most interest you-without having to remember a password.

Audience targeting enables Solien Technology to customize an experience for you based on your role, hierarchy, or interests-pushing relevant news, links, files, applications, and Web Services to your portal. Plus, you can even sign up for alerts to find out when information has been created or updated anywhere in the portal.

3. Share knowledge across the organization. Make it easy for business units, teams, and individuals to contribute content to the portal. Business units can integrate their SharePoint portal into the enterprise portal, enabling them to share knowledge with other business units. Teams can easily make the content in their Microsoft SharePoint Foudation 2013 sites discoverable through the portal through browsing or searching, and portal users can publish documents and best practices to the rest of the organization by adding them to the public view of their personal sites.

4. Automate business processes. Microsoft SharePoint Server 2013 helps relevant information find you through Alerts and Audience Targeting. Alerts notify you when any relevant file, SharePoint site, person, or application has been added or changed. SharePoint Server 2013 can even alert you when a specific expert or team adds new information to the portal.

Audience targeting enables IT groups to push relevant information and applications to a group of users with similar job roles, titles, or interests. Audiences can be created from the Microsoft Active Directory® service, distribution lists, hierarchies, or any other criteria that you define.

5. Speed adoption by using familiar interfaces and tools. New technologies often fail because they are too hard to use, and few employees have time to attend lengthy training courses. SharePoint Server 2013 speeds user adoption and lowers training costs by using a familiar browser interface and allowing users to perform portal tasks within their Microsoft Office System programs, such as provisioning a Document Workspace, searching the portal, and receiving portal alerts in Microsoft Office Outlook.

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