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Portals and Collaboration

Intranet and portal solutions can help you meet your business needs for information sharing and collaboration, both within your company and with the outside world. Intranets are used to manage company information internally. Extranets allow dissemination of information to your vendors, partners, and customers. Solien Technology can help your business create cost effective solutions to use the internet as a means to disseminate information. Our solutions leverage Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 to facilitate collaboration across an organization, as well as with customers and partners. If your company has ever thought about creating a commerce-enabled web site, an intranet for helping to foster effective communication between employees or departments, or a portal for a number of combined services, you should talk to us - we have been developing these solutions since the advent of the commercial web.

Business Process Management

The Business Process Management discipline treats business processes as assets to be valued, designed and leveraged to improve agility and operational performance.  Solien can help your organization harness the power of workflow, InfoPath forms, and the SharePoint Business Data Catalog to streamline processes and cut costs.

Business Intelligence

Business intelligence solutions harness data warehousing and online analytical processing technologies (OLAP) to unleash opportunities to improve customer service, control costs, maximize profits, and make better decisions faster. These solutions enable organizations to aggregate data from multiple sources, build and manage an enterprise data warehouse, and make sophisticated yet straightforward analysis tools available to all employees. Solien can help you realize the value of your data.

Enterprise Content Management

Over the last several years, organizations have created a huge volume of unstructured content that includes documents, e-mail messages, videos, instant messages, Web pages, and more. This content often exists in a state of unmanaged chaos that prevents an organization from properly using these valuable assets for better knowledge sharing, improved customer communications, and increased process efficiency.

Enterprise Search

Give your employees better answers–faster–through conversational and intuitive search experiences. Enable collaboration and sharing of expertise. Help cut costs with improved business productivity.

Application Development

At the very heart of what we do is the development of extensible, scalable, bulletproof applications that deliver competitive advantage. Since 1994, our expert team of architects, programmers, project managers, systems administrators, and database developers has built custom enterprise solutions for start-up firms on up to major Fortune 100 companies. Custom development is focused on .NET and leverages Microsoft's application and server platform.