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Technology continues to bring dramatic change to the engineering and manufacturing communities. Engineering companies require the ability to integrate and customize design processes and business management beyond traditional boundaries. For manufacturers, success means having the power to make better decisions faster, deliver virtually across the supply chain, and give customers what they want, when and where they want it.

Solien’s expertise in a variety of Microsoft-based .NET solutions can facilitate the ability of engineers located around the globe to collaborate in real time to refine new product designs. Salespeople and plant floor managers can exchange up-to-the-minute information about orders and production, ensuring the most efficient use of manufacturing facilities. Your web presence can guide visitors to focused, personalized content, simplify purchasing and service, and efficiently connect you to your suppliers and partners. And you can realize maximum value from the information locked away in your ERP and other core systems by making that data easily available at the point of need, whether that's the plant floor, a sales site, or the executive suite. Contact us for more information on how technology solutions can help your organization realize these benefits.
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